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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

so what if he is a GOD......

Since past two days all news channel and newspaper are carrying the news of 'THE GOD" (Sachin Tendulkar).
His Billion fans are hooked on to the television and eagerly waiting for his 100th century... Most of fans are praying that 'SCG' should turn lucky for him.

We humans have very funny psychology, when anyone expects from us we get pressurized and crack down. But here Billion Hopes, Billion Prayers, and pressure on 'ONE MAN' alone.

To all the Sachin's Fan out there, we call him GOD, but at the end of the day he is a human being. Why do you forget he has same emotions like all of us. Stop putting so much pressure on one man alone.
The day we have least expectations from him, that day he will hit his 100th century. 


  1. Seriously, we are crazy for his century but forget that it is his achievement, his goal, so let him do it in his own way :)

  2. Hi Ishani, I have awarded you the Liebster award. Please check my blog for details.