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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

au revoir 2011

Dear 2011,

Last year December I was not at all waiting for you to enter my life, as i knew that you will change my life. But eventually you did come. And you didn't come alone, but you got along some wonderful people, series of incidences, beautiful memories, and some life changing experiences. 

We had series of ups and downs, first few months of the year were dull and monotones. 

Month of April and May was full of excitement as "India Lifted the World Cup" and I got my well deserved holiday in "GOA"

Month of June got Happy days back again, as a very dear friend after lot of twist n turns got married to her college time sweetheart. But after happy days there are sad days as well...

Month of July and August was full of surprises. Oh boy, and what a month.... 
I turned year wiser and prettier :-)

'Change is the constant thing in life' this was so true in Month of September. New work place, new environment,  new people all around me. But this change was definitely for good. 

October was the month which changed my "relationship status" (read - committed). October you were truly the special and best month. 

'Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to saari kayanath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai'.. Haan haan meina tumha liye bahut dil se dua ki thi. Ya ya ya November made my biggest dream came true..... 

December is full of season happiness, joy and celebrations.. 

Oh 2011 you have given me so many many memories to cherish, you were truly fantastic. You will always remain one of the most special year for me. I don't want to let you go.......... 
I will miss you.....  

Thursday, 8 December 2011

After effects of long phone conversation with him....

I may not get to see you as often i like... 

I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night....

But deep in my heart i truly know, you are the one i like, and I cant let you go.....

Sunday, 27 November 2011

When Dreams come True

It was a dull Monday Morning, suddenly my senior tells me, 'we are handling event for Desi Boyz on Wednesday in Pune'. Listening to this one line made my dull Monday turned into a bright Monday Morning.

Excitement was not for handling this event, but to see my "HERO" upfront and so close...

Tuesday came, smile was not leaving my lips. I was waiting for Wednesday evening. I had to look my best for this evening, so i took a shopping trip.

It was Wednesday  early morning 3.30 am, i was having sleepless nights. I was twisting and turning in my Bed. Today clock seemed to have its own mood swing, time was just not moving.

Wednesday afternoon i was all restless, waiting for clock for strike 6 pm. I was all lost in my "HERO" dreams.

It was 6 pm, venue was packed more than 5000 people present to see star cast of "Desi Boyz". I was nervous, not looking at the crowd but about meeting my "HERO".

Today clock seem to move at faster pace (dumb clock), it was 7 pm still my "HERO" was not visible.

Finally at 7.30 pm he arrived with big smile on face, waving at his fans, wearing simple tee shirt, faded jeans and chappels. As always he carried his casual and cool attitude. He did not freak out looking at 5000 plus crowd.

When he flashed his smile with those lovely dimples, it made me go weak on my knees.
Desi Boyz signature dance move made whole crowd go crazy.

It was always a wish to see you, but working on your film event was like dream come true. Johnny boy it took me good 9 years to see you this close, but wait was worth it. Right since your first movie 'Jism' to 'Dostana' to action pack 'Force' my craze for you is increasing and it will keep on increasing till the end of the world.

Tu mera Hero <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Goa.... Jannat Ki shaan...

Month of November,
Location - Vegas of India "GOA" with lovely  friends.

What made my GOA trip so special, that too for very first time i felt like staying in GOA for longer time (totally unlike me)

Was it adventitious stay in Hotel Saahil :)  or was it more fun tackling unpleasant neighbors and their curious looks, or was it last minute change of hotel for security reasons was major reason of worry.
As November is peak tourist season and Hunting for decent hotel which is safe to stay for 4 girls was surely a task

Mixing the drinks and feeling light headed and then having long girly bitching and gossiping session.

Or did my regular routine lack bit of madness and craziness, which i experienced  in GOA during TITO's party.
Best part was No deadlines, No phone calls from home, No questions from parents. It was just full volume music, loads of dancing, drinks on the house, unlimited masti and non stop entertainment. 

Hey I know why this trip was so much fun.... Back in DCS we girls always wanted to have our 'Talli Parties' but we never had suitable venue to have such parties. We always wanted to go clubbing, but never had enough couples and plus permissions issue. We always wanted to get sloshed (happy high). Smoking in open. 
All the things we wishes we could do during college days actually happened in GOA. 
Thank you GOA for making it happen :)