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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Goa.... Jannat Ki shaan...

Month of November,
Location - Vegas of India "GOA" with lovely  friends.

What made my GOA trip so special, that too for very first time i felt like staying in GOA for longer time (totally unlike me)

Was it adventitious stay in Hotel Saahil :)  or was it more fun tackling unpleasant neighbors and their curious looks, or was it last minute change of hotel for security reasons was major reason of worry.
As November is peak tourist season and Hunting for decent hotel which is safe to stay for 4 girls was surely a task

Mixing the drinks and feeling light headed and then having long girly bitching and gossiping session.

Or did my regular routine lack bit of madness and craziness, which i experienced  in GOA during TITO's party.
Best part was No deadlines, No phone calls from home, No questions from parents. It was just full volume music, loads of dancing, drinks on the house, unlimited masti and non stop entertainment. 

Hey I know why this trip was so much fun.... Back in DCS we girls always wanted to have our 'Talli Parties' but we never had suitable venue to have such parties. We always wanted to go clubbing, but never had enough couples and plus permissions issue. We always wanted to get sloshed (happy high). Smoking in open. 
All the things we wishes we could do during college days actually happened in GOA. 
Thank you GOA for making it happen :)


  1. Very nicely written :) I miss Goa too :(

    My first Goa trip tht too with u gals :)

  2. Hi,,, please share your experience with Hotel Sahil as i am plannig a trip with my wife... Thanks